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Before we start...

Got pictures from your years at CDD that you think would be of general interest? Wanna put 'em up on this site so your friends and campmates can see them? Simply scan your favorite photos and e-mail me at Be sure to include relevant information - names, dates, activities  and maybe a funny anecdote to accompany the photo. There's nothing cooler than sharing memories...

Camp Diana-Dalmaqua was a summer sleepaway camp ("holiday camp", for those of you overseas) located in Glen Spey, NY in the Catskill Region of New York State. Founded in the 1920's as two separate camps, Diana-Dalmaqua was typical of the numerous camps which served (and still serve) the children of the New York City metropolitan area. This is a photo retrospective which covers the late 50's onward...nostalgia for former campers, counselors and staff...

What's new:
1986 & 1987 Camp Videos, finally in mp4 format.

[new2.gif]We now have 67 Group Division Photos!
(The Debs '80, Senior Girls '81, Super Girls '82,
Collegiate Girls '83 & CA Girls '84 just added, courtesy of Jamie Gorelik
The '83 Super Senior Boys, '84 Collegiate Boys, '85 CA Boys, courtesy of Seth Zuckerman...
The '83 Waitresses, courtesy of Felicia Sapolsky
...and the '70 Rangers, courtesy of Jay Roebuck)

Coming soon:
More Updates!!

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Map of Camp Diana-Dalmaqua
Circa 1970